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[Class Weaknesses]


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
[LMB] Sniper Dart shot out dart that deal damage to enemy and heal teammate (12 ammo)

Teammate health+10

12 50studs 0.5sec
[Q] Smoke grenade throw out grenade make smoke around it if enemy in AoE, enemy will get effecy Blind until they out of AoE, it's will disapper in 5s Target


0 30 sphere studs 8sec
[E] Gadget heal zone Place down the Gadget that crate AoE that heal you and your teammate

Self regenerate+2(5 times) Teammate

regenerate+2(5 times)

--- 20 sphere studs 8sec
[F] Reloading after 1sec reload the ammo and first bullet will have chane to knockback enemy Self

reload ammo

--- --- ---


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  • use smoke grenade to make enemy run away from you but careful not to stay for so long


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  • it's hard to escape . -.

"this is example of new page i write - SoulDragoz"

Update Information

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  • 4.0.1 Update bra bra bra . -.