Map Name Appearance Music Author
Sakura Dojo Super Ability, Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Crystal Cave Lollipop Land 4 (Ghost Area), Kirby Triple Deluxe
Cold Storage Dark Castle, Kirby Planet Robobot
Techno Brain Haltmann Works Co. (HQ Area), Kirby Planet Robobot
Wind Land Suck it Up!, Kirby Triple Deluxe
Technical Factory Halberd, Revenge of Meta Knight, Kirby Super Star Ultra (NEW) - Heart of Nova, Kirby Planet Robobot (OLD)
Hot Chamber Haltmann Works Elite Management, Kirby Planet Robobot
Shipwreck Bay Staff Credits, Dedede Drum Dash Deluxe
Critical Stadium Ordeal Boss (Orchestral), Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Grand Hall Royal Road, Kirby Triple Deluxe gephiltacool
Jungle Labrynth
Earth Temple
Aquarium Ruins Top Ride - Water, Kirby Air Ride
Cactus Canyon Night Desert, Kirby Mass Attack
Lost Forest Forest Area, Kirby Return to Dreamland
Void City Another Dimension, Kirby Return to Dreamland deaunte13331
Sky Castle Masked Dedede, Kirby Triple Deluxe gephiltacool
Reese's Valley Dragon Maid x Reese's Puffs
Mushroom Mayhem Dino Jungle, Kirby Epic Yarn
Champion Stadium probably something from triple deluxe but I cant find it anywhere so
Abandoned Library (REMOVED)

this is version 4.0+

Map Name Version Update Song name Creator
Sunburn Tomb 4.0.3
Sky Armada City Trial - City, Air Ride
Void City Another Dimension, Return to Dreamland
Gand Hall Some remake of royal road from triple deluxe
Lost Forest Honey Hill, Star Allies
Forgotten Ruin
Floating Valley Sacred Square, Star Allies
Technical Factory Heart of Nova, Planet Robobot
Mystic Shrine Far-Flung Starlight Heroes, Star Allies
Icicle Palace Frozen Hillside, Air Ride
Phantom Play Warrior from Another World, Planet Robobot
I feel im missing one so ima put this here Dark Matter, Star Allies

this is for final strike in v4+

  • Xi - Freedom Dive
  • Unthinkable Natural Law - Beloved Tomboyish Girl