There are a lot of words on this wiki and in-game that just don't make sense to newbies, so PSQuasar and a few others havecreated this page in order to help those players. Here are all the words relating to things in-game an on the discord. Feel free to add more!


Word Definition Example
AoE Area of Effect - The area in which move takes place. Everyone in the area will be affected. "This move has a ton of AoE!"
Hex/Hexer Hex is to apply an effect on something. Hexer is someone who mains applying negative effects. "Thank my lucky stars for that hexer..."
DoT Damage Over Time - Some attacks, after being cast, stay where they were casted for some time. DoT refers to that. "It's a low-damage attack by itself, but it can do DoT and deal tons of it in the end!"
Melee A type of attack that involves the use of a close-combat weapon like a sword. The attack itself must also be close up. "I can snipe him from afar, but once he gets close to me, his melee attacks are too powerful and I'll die."
Ranged A type of attack where the player's target gets struck from afar. This is not the opposite of melee as throwing melee weapons also count as ranged. Ranged is also a type of class that relies mainly on ranged attacks. "His ranged attack got to me before I could even land a hit on him!"
Critical "Crit" The player's final and ultimate attack. It takes time to charge up, and it causes a massive impact on those affected by the critical. "I could've won, but his critical got to me before I could give the final blow."
Tank A type of class where the player has a lot of health but lacks in a different section. Normally, it is general speed and attack power, but there are exceptions like Gladiator. "Heh. I'm too tanky to even bother with you."
Osht Osht - Say it out loud and it will sound like "Oh shit". "Osht."
Dmg Dmg - Damage "That does barely any dmg.
Cancer A derogatory term that refers to anything annoying. "Winddancer? You mean Wind Cancer, right?
Pusher A rarely used term that refers to attacks and classes that involve knockback. "Damn pusher attack got me!"
Vulture A player who picks on the weak. "VULTURE NOOB!"
Teamer A player who teams with another player. This is often used in a demeaning manner. "TEAMER NOOB!"
Salty An adjective for players who act bitter. "Ugh, he's just some salty kid."
Noob A player that is a newbie or has as much skills as one. "Get out, noob!"
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