Game modes

All Gamemodes that are in Roblox Critical Strike

Known gamemodes:

  • Boss Battles
  • Free For All


Free for All- Pits player against player in this gamemode. The players will fight each other until one survives and everybody else has been eliminated. If 2 or more people survive long enough, the round will go to ¨Final Strike¨, a sudden death type of thing. No healing, and a much smaller area than the map. If you STILL are living long enough in Final Strike. Everybody will just receive 10 points free.

Boss Battle- Boss battle puts the players against one of 4 bosses, the players will have to bring down the boss to a certain amount of health or survive long enough for the boss to go in it´s final phase. If they defeat the boss, those who beat the boss will be rewarded 50 points and will count as a win. More info on the actual bosses here.

Version Update

  • 4.0.3 update First Boss fight (Phantom)
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