CS Class Idea: Furoth (Fe-ur-oth) - Badge Class (Unlocked By Winning a Match on Toxic Sewer with Defender) Main Attack: Bash-Bash - Furoth Will Utilize Its Giant Fists To Perform Two Big Swings, The First Swing Does 110 Damage and the Second Swing Does 120 Damage, On The Exception That it Takes 1 Second Longer to Actually take the Second Swing, Not Good Against Fast Classes Such as Recon, Stalker, or Slayer. Ability Has No Reload Time. Ability 1: Grounders Slam - Furoth Will Raise It’s Fists And Then Slam The Floor, Creating a Shockwave that deals 130 Damage, and Stuns the Enemy for 1.5 Seconds, Only Disadvantage is that when Performing this attack, Furoth’s Movement Speed will be changed to 20 for 3 Seconds, Which Means you pretty much Have to Fight. This Ability Has a 6 Second Cooldown Time. Ability 2: Clonists (Clone Fists) - Furoth will use Cloning Magic to make 4 Clones of Himself, That Only have 300 Health but have a Faster Movement Speed And a Slightly Stronger Variant of the Same Attacks, These Clones However will Directly go for the Nearest Player, Not Acknowledging If there is a Hazard in the way. During This Time, Furoth Is Given The Armor Buff affect, The Effect will last until all of the Clones are Killed. This Ability has a 15 Second Cooldown Time. Ability 3: Buff Crier - Furoth Will Let out a Loud Scream/Yell That will Give Itself and all Allies a Movement Speed Buff and the Armor Buff Effect within 60 Studs, The Same Thing Will Happen To The Clone Furoths. For every Enemy that is within 60 studs, they will be given the Attack Debuff Effect, Making their Attacks weaker. Ability has a 22 Second Cooldown Time. Critical: Formember (Forget & Remember) - Furoth Will Launch a Magic Ball That Will Put The Disable Effect on the Enemy, Disabling Their Attacks for 2.5 Seconds. The Attacks Will Be Given To Furoth for 8 Seconds for It to use, Will Work on Any Class, Except Itself. This Ability has an Unknown Cooldown Time.