There are currently three tiers of classes, ranging from weak to insanely powerful. Judging on how many tiers of classes a player has, this notifies others of the player's experience. It is recommended that a player of a lower tier not fight a player of a higher tier unless the player of a lower tier is highly skilled with the lower tier classes. Unfortunately, it's nearly useless, as the current state of the reboot has no matchmaking whatsoever. Therefore, having a private server and an alt account would help balance the game just a little bit.



The badge is earned when a player reaches the advanced tier.

Basic Tier


This badge is earned when the player reaches the elite tier.

The first tier that all players unlock by simply playing the game. This tier consists of one class in each of the four play-style categories


This badge is earned when the player reached the master tier.

Advanced Tier

This tier is unlocked by earning 10 wins and 20 kill. Most of the classes in this tier have simple mechanics and are only slightly more complex than the Basic Tier classes.

Elite Tier

This tier is unlocked by earning 50 wins or 100 kills, whichever feat you accomplish first. The user will then unlock eight new classes, and will now have twenty classes at their disposal (excluding special classes). These classes are considered the most complex out of the main classes, and usually require some skill to play well, they're decent.

Master Tier

This tier is unlocked by earning 100 wins or 300 kills. When earned, the player will unlock a new room which has a variety of insanely powerful classes. These classes have extremely complex mechanics.

Special Tier

This tier has its own room that holds classes which are obtained via means other than the point system. For example, playing spearman on Sky Castle will grant you access to the Gladiator class. This tier includes all classes earned by defeating bosses(Shadow), all classes earned by "converting" other classes ( eg: spearman to gladiator), and all classes only obtainable on events. Most of these classes are either between advanced and elite or elite and master.

Gamepass Tier

This tier is for classes where players have to pay Robux, the currency of Roblox which is obtained via paying real money, however placing in between elite and advanced, but with skill, a player can make great use of these classes and dominate the server. They are also the tier that is discriminated against most in the game. While this is understandable, it is no excuse for discriminating against people simply because they bought something someone else can't buy. Especially since most discriminators end up buying the game passes later.

Class Types

Type Changes in Health, Damage, Speed Changes in Abilities
Assassin Brawler
Tank Brawler
Power Brawler
Bulky Brawler
Assassin Brawler
Critical Assassin
Piercing Assassin
Stack Assassin
Spellcaster Assassin